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How do I sign up and how long does it take?

To sign up, just click here: JOIN NOW, Sell and buy within 60 minutes

Only registered new car dealers or used car dealers are allowed to sign up. Registrations with your local regulatory body will be verified. Our sales team will get back to you within one business day for approval.  Most people list or participate in their first auction.

Once your New Dealership is approved by our team, listing a car using our online car auction, takes within a few minutes. You be glad to see how fast the number of responses you'll get from the buyers.

Buyers that will be bidding on the vehicles, are from a licenced authorized used dealership, which are also approved by Autoold's management team. No one will be allowed to bid, unless granted permission. This is done to perform a smooth and safe bidding, which is also monitored by the team from Autoold.

With Autoold's revolutionzed online car auction, there are 2 intermission, for a successful auction. The first 60 minutes where all buyers (from used dealerships) bid on, then there is another 60 minutes from the top 2 final competitors.


At Autoold.com, our unique online car auction places all bidders and sellers in anonymous mode, untill the final sale of the vehicle.

If by any chance you don't feel that the price your getting for is right, then you have the option to withdraw from listing the vehicle.

Only authorized New dealerships, which are approved by Autoold are allowed to list any of their cars on our auction site.

And that is why we came out with this magical car auction tool. Your personal data and profile is safe with us. No one, nor any dealership will come to know who has bidded on the car.

Our online auctioneered car tool, supports all devices. For the time being, we support all web browsers as our apps will be available to download in the near future.

Don't worry, you can always get in touch with us through email autoold@gmail.com or give us a shout at +96824597205.

How can we help you? Don't worry, we're always working around the clock to make sure things go your way. Leave all the hard work on us and worry free.