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Autoold is an online auctioneering tool that will revolutionize the way automobile dealerships are trading, selling and buying. It's the fastest way for the used dealerships to get to the nearest dealership in real market value. At the core Autoold is a real-time car auction. The dealership will launch your car to a massive network of buyers who will immediately start bidding on your car. Get quick cash for the car you've traded in with your customer that walked in with a new one, on the spot.

1 Bring in your old car

Ahh, your customer awaits at the front of your dealership's doorstep. Today's the day they drive in to trade in their old clunk car with the car of...

2 Launch the trade

The New dealership will list your car into Autoold's online car auction of licensed approved buyers. Hundreds of people will be immediately notifie...

3 Close the deal

As a Salesman, we'll make sure you've won the jackpot when closing the deal! Autoold's online car auction will secure the rest, as you will have no...

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We are coast to coast, Canada and the US. Let us know which dealership you are buying a car from, and we will let you know if they are a AUTOOLD partner.